Baby Mama Fitness

Helping new Mamas get their old fitness back.

So you’re in need of help.  A shake-up.
A Master Plan to get your fitness back on track.

But you can’t seem to find the motivation to put on your compression tights,
let alone workout what with all the feeding and diaper changes and cleaning and
attempting to get that little ball of joy to just sleep for the love of the sweet baby Jesus.

But you are also so tired of feeling tired.
You are tired of looking in the mirror and thinking
“Who is that woman staring back at me?”. #ivebeenthere.
You know it is time to take care of yourself and make a change.

You just need a kick in the butt.


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Start your day with nutritional awesomeness!

You get 10 smoothie recipes so that each day starts with a blender full of vitamins and deliciousness.

Raise your heart rate!

You get 1 short but sweaty workout sent to your inbox every day to get your blood pumping and your mouth swearing.

Organize the pants off your grocery list!

You get a master shopping list for all your smoothie ingredients because ain’t nobody got time to be going through recipes and writing all that down.

Save you time!

You get a ridiculously easy to follow prep document so you can set yourself up for success to explode into your week with smoothie goodness every damn day.

Keep that Mama mind inspired!

You get a daily dose of email from me to keep you motivated to get your smoothie and sweat on while keeping your mind positive.

Give you a (Facebook) Village!

You get the raddest group of Mama friends to be your cheerleaders along the way!

I owe you so much fricking love Jenn!
You got me back on the path to fit and energetic and honestly with so much going on stress was taking its toll on my diet and waist line!
But you helped me get back to where I should be.
A million thank yous!


So what are you waiting for, Mama?

Join this totally FREE Mama Kickstart challenge TODAY!

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I was reflecting on this 10 day challenge last night. I think what I will take away from this is that I owe it to myself, my children and my partner to take at least 4 mins to myself everyday. It is not selfish, it is a necessity to keep going. To recharge my batteries. To be my best. Most importantly, I’ve realized that even when my littlest doesn’t sleep (literally wide awake cooing at 2am), or the house is dirty, or everything in my body aches and I just want to lounge, watch Shameless and eat rice chips, I am STILL able to fit it in.
When I do, I feel 10 times better for it.

Thanks for these hard lessons lady! ❤️