Sexy. Powerful. Strong. Flexible. On ‘effing fire.

That is how I want you to feel asmuchashumanlypossible.
If you’re anything like me, there was a time in your life when this was more than a dream – it was your every day. You had the time, energy and dedication to stay fit and feel physically capable, not to mention… you looked slammin’.

But now, that’s more like a distant fantasy. Maybe it even makes you cry in fetal position when you think about it (been there).

When you become a mother, it’s just really effin easy to forget how important exercise is, not just to your health, but to your overall life. Basically it’s easy to forget about everything except your baby.

‘Cause now you have this other life to worry about. And the truth is: babies really don’t give a shit about what you want. I mean that nicely, but they’re just babies!

My son Sullivan is the coolest little dude, but do you know what happens when I’m like “Okay dude! Time for a run!”? He poops. Or cries (which babies totallyyyy do by the way). And then I am running for the diaper disposal, or his blanky or a bottle of wine. Know what I mean?

Here’s the thing, little mama – just because your body has changed doesn’t mean you’re not YOU anymore. You’re still YOU. You’re still hot. You’re still delivering your awesomeness on a daily basis.

You’re just doing it in a totally cool, new package now. A supermom package.

And I believe that you deserve to feel just as fit, strong, and capable in your new, awesome packaging as you did before baby – numbers, measurements, and mirrors aside.

Because you owe it yourself to feel like YOU again.

Not just for YOU, but for that little family you’re building.

(Being able to be the strongest version of YOU for your family is kind of a big deal. Know what I’m sayin’?)

Wait, you’re probably wondering who I am and why I’m all “YAY FITNESS!” So let me tell you…

Basically, before I was a super-mom, I was a super-athlete. Competitive rowing, soccer, training, dance, you name it – I did it.

I was strong, flexible, lean and also certified (in pre and post-natal fitness). So there I was, training new mamas with my Baby Mama Bootcamp on the regular. (Think: strollers, sweat and lots of planks.)

But then, when I had my very own little munchkin, that all changed. Here I was, teaching other moms how to care for themselves after childbirth and I myself was totally floored by the trauma childbearing really is on your body!

YOU mean I have to push how many pounds out of my vagina?! #scared

Picture me, 6 months pregnant, teaching a “Piloxing” class and having to sit down mid class and catch my breath. My doctor was all “ARE YOU NUTS?” and I was all “BUT I JUST LOVE THIS SHIT.”

I thought I loved fitness anyway. That was until I realized that I also really love sitting around eating brownies and junk food and oatmeal cookies (they’re good for lactation!). Cut to: Sullivan is six months old and I’m a mushy, weak version of my former self.

I couldn’t even lift my 20 pound baby without a major strain on my back.

No one tells you this! (Or that you may have a 20 pound 6-month-old. Scientific term: GINORMOUS.)

So I decided – this has to change. Not just for me, but for mothers everywhere.

Because mothers are total ‘effing rock stars. I do this mom thing every day and I don’t even know how sometimes. (Well, my amazing husband Conor is a big help, let’s be honest. High five to all the amazing fathers out there!)

The point is this: YOU TAKE CARE OF EVERYONE.

Don’t you deserve to feel GOOD while you’re doing it?

Shit, not just GOOD, but AMAZEBALLZ!?

End rant.

So this is  BABY MAMA Fitness.

This is where you stop being a formerly fit mom and start being an actively energized one.

One who can pick up her baby without groaning like an old grandma.

One who can hustle morning, noon and night and still have the energy to play with the bub at the end of the day.

One who can squat press two strollers in each hand if she wanted to! (Too far?)

I invite you to come on this journey with me, as we make ourselves the best moms we can possibly be – by taking the best care of our bodies possible.

Are you ready to go from Babymaker to Bootylicious?