Let’s all go to the Barre.

One of the newest fitness crazes is Barre workouts.   These are Ballet and Pilates inspired workouts.  They make total sense to me because have you seen ballerinas’ bodies??  #envious

Despite whether the aesthetic of the ballet body is appealing to you, there is no denying that those dancers are strong!  And that is our goal.  To be uber strong ladies.

So today I have cooked up a Barre workout for you.  I really want to keep mixing things up for you and keeping our muscles in a state of confusion by not repeating the same things over and over again.  Hope you like this one!  All you need is a chair about hip height.  (Please excuse the super dose of sun in my living room and my inability to speak.  It was as though my brain was running through mud…).

Happy Ballet-ing!
Baby Mama and Body Boss,
Jenn Green

BARRE WORKOUT – 10 repetitions on each side – 2 to 3 times through the entire workout depending on your fitness level.
1) Knee in, then extend the leg.
2) Long lunge with pulsing leg raise on the way up.
3) Long lunge with pulsing leg raise, adding the arms (you can put some water bottles in your hands if you want a bit more)
4) Side lunge with explosive return to centre. Arm in and out.
5) Bent leg raise with arm raise.
6) Chair squat with marching legs.
7) Standing oblique crunches (add leg for more).
8) Knee up with curtsy squat.