The amount of repetitions you do is listed beside each individual exercise.  If you want an easier way to get through your workouts, I recommend getting a Gymboss Interval Timer which you can set for a pre-determined amount of time and then do as many repetitions as you can in that timeframe.

You are going to do this workout 2 times all the way through.  There are no breaks in between exercises.  Take a short break after you have completed 1 round of the workout.

1) Pushups (10 total)
2) Pike Presses (10 total)
3) Diamond Shape Plank with Hip Touch (5 touches each side)
4) Superman (10 total)
5) Hand Hand Elbow Elbow (4 with left hand leading, 4 with right hand leading)
6) Squat Pulses (Count to 50)
7) Lunge Pulses (Count to 50.  Do both sides)