Smackdown: n. (——-) any intensely fought contest. A beatdown of epic proportions.

Here is how it usually goes ( in my household, anyways):

Sunday Night —

Me (in my own head/sometimes out loud to my husband):

Tomorrow. I am going to start tomorrow. No more sugar! I am going to workout all of the hours all of the days! I will be the MOST healthy! The MOST fit! Hurray me!

Monday morning after 4 wake-ups and a 2 hour ‘get out the door!’ epic battle with my 3.5 year old—

Me (out loud to anyone who will listen):


And then the downward spiral starts until I am sick to my stomach, mad at myself, saying mean things to my body, all the while wishing so badly I had more self-control.

If you are like me, you get into bad habits pretty quickly. That’s the bad news.


The good news is that you can create good habits quickly as well so let’s flip this


Enter the Baby Mama Smackdown: An online, 28 day, all things health, fitness, and


Learn how to nourish your body, sweat it out safely, and change your mindset in this online 28 day transformational journey.


It is time, Mama.


It is time to lay the smackdown on those negative thoughts and feelings that are leading you further and further away from your health and fitness goals.


How does it work, you ask?


You get an email from me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

We start each day with a little motivation and a writing prompt for you to complete in the Facebook group (because accountability!).

We then schedule in our 4-12 minute intense (but safe) workout for the day.

Every Thursday you will be sent a new meal plan, shopping list, and recipes for the week.

PLUS you get access to my brain and time over the 28 days along with all the other Mamas joining us in this journey.


We are on this journey together so let’s get started!

I joined Baby Mama Smackdown because I was wanting an extra kick to be able to lose some weight and be healthy.
More energy, fewer mood swings, less bloating and gas, feeling better about how I look in clothes, better state of mind. I honestly can’t believe how crappy I feel when I cheat from the guidelines you created! I think I just thought that was my norm. This is not a diet, or a guilt-tripping tool to make you think you should work out more (and be busier). It’s an incredibly supportive way (via Facebook and daily emails) to try out a healthy way of eating, and get encouragement from Jenn and other moms who are also busy, stressed, and don’t have it 100% together (as I sometimes assume).  – Leanne

Here’s what you get for 28 days right in your inbox:

A daily prompt and motivation to get your morning started off right.

28 short workouts to get your heart rate up and your blood pumpin’.

A meal plan and entire cookbook of recipes to use during your 28 days.

But best of all….

Online support through the entire program from myself and
the other
Mamas who are on this journey with you.

Who this program is good for:

Mamas who are ready to move forward from where they have been stuck and create new thought patterns.

Mamas who really do love being healthy but are just stuck in a cycle they cannot seem to get out of.


Who this program is NOT for:

Mamas who are 10 weeks or less postpartum.

Mamas who have a diastasis of more than 2 fingers.

Mamas who kind of hate working out.  

ONLY $110 for 28 days an ultimate plan for health and wellness.

Hi Jenn! I saw that you were wading through a ton of positive messages. I wanted to add my voice to the mix! Two things: I no longer feel/look 4 months pregnant (this is a nice boost for my ego and pants); and, I am totally more flexible and strong.  I just did a yoga class and downward dog felt actually awesome (not like it was kicking my butt). Thank you so much for all of the time and energy that you put into the first smackdown. It was awesome and so were/are you! Your passion is evident, and you were so approachable and responsive to everyone. I really got a lot out of the Facebook group, and your daily emails and lists. Through it all, i had fun! Thanks for getting us all together around this, Jenn!   – Bronwyn

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we start?

The next LIVE version (where you get support from me for the entire 28 days) starts May 6th.

If you want to start right away, you can sign-up now!
As soon as you register, you will get a notice letting you know you are all set.
The next email you get will let you know how to prepare and get started.
28 days of awesome sent right to your inbox!

What do I need for this program?

-A space to workout in your house.

-A large water bottle that never leaves your side.

-A cheap journal (even a Hilroy notebook will work) if you don’t want to share on the Facebook group.

-8 to 10 pound dumbbells.  If you have them, dust them off.  If you have a friend who has them, borrow them.  If you’ve got the $20, buy them.  They will make a difference.

How much time should I be setting aside for this program?

I would say 20 minutes on average. Some days you will need more time to meal prep and grocery shop but on average we will do a little reading/writing and a workout and that’s it!

Is this program for vegetarians/vegans?

I have JUST added a vegetarian meal plan.  You can opt for omnivore or vegetarian.  Email and let me know which plan you would like to receive.

Is this program safe for Mamas?

Yup! If you have a large Diastasis, I would recommend waiting until your separation has closed a little bit and you are able to keep your deep abdominal muscles contracted. I will have alternatives for Mamas with injuries or who are just getting back into exercise so make sure to think about where you are and whether now is the time to push yourself. I will be in Facebook group every day to answer questions in case something is too hard or doesn’t feel right.

My 'Little One' is 2/5/8 years old. Is this program still for me?

This program is for any Mama who feels she has put herself on the backburner a little bit ( or a lot a bit…) since having kids and needs to spend time making herself a priority again.

Is this program ridiculously hard??

I am not going to lie. It is going to challenge you. It is hard to change patterns that have been present for so long. It is hard to give up sugar and dairy when they feel like they get you through the day. It is hard to workout in short bursts every day when Netflix is just sitting there, waiting for you. And it is hard to open yourself up to a group of Mamas on the internet in order to change your mindset BUT BUT BUT, it is 100% worth it.

Are you going to try to sell me supplements and shakes and other things?

Nope nope and nope.
This is all about real food. We eat whole foods and make it ourselves.  There are no pyramid schemes here or hidden costs. I do make you buy a protein powder but give you lots of healthy options that you choose from that you can only buy in a store.

Here’s what the last round of Mamas had to say:

Only $110 for 28 workouts, 28 days of meals, and 28 days of the raddest group of cheerleaders you could ever ask for!