So you’re in need of help. A shake-up. A master plan to get your fitness back on track.

The thing is – every time you google “workout plan” or “diet” or maybe even get sucked into trying that latest craze you get kinda overwhelmed and poop out.

Not a huge surprise. The world (and the internet) is full of conflicting advice and angry muscle heads shouting about “THE ONE KEY TO GETTING FIT.”

Except clearly… there’s more than one! Because they all seem to have one.

You also don’t have the dolla’ dolla’ bills right now to drop on a personal trainer what with all the diapers, and bottles, and teething rings, and toys, etc. you find yourself drowning in.  And let’s face it, unless you are rolling in it (Congrats to you if you are!) a personal trainer is not sustainable and you want to make this shiz a way of life, not just a temporary crazy fitness phase.


It’s enough to make any baby mama go cray, and not in the “I’m just so motivated!” kinda way…

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Here at Baby Mama Fitness, we have a simple approach.

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Move more.

Eat healthfully.

Make it fun.

Keep it simple.

 That’s all.

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 Baby Mama Fit Club is your one stop shop to get all of the recipes, support, and workouts you need without the overwhelm. You’ll get systems, advice, strategies and a sweet crew of other baby mamas who want to get bootylicious too (because accountability!)

Your investment is just $19 per month.
Take that, Maternity leave!

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