The Goalgetter Program

12 weeks to reaching your fitness goals.

Do something for YOU, Mama.

Mama, I see you.

I see you rocking this Mama thing.  Rocking the feeding schedule, the nap schedule, the daycare transition (or even school transition), dealing with the tantrums, while organizing the family schedule, working the 9-5, and keeping all of the balls up in the air.

I see you doing EVERYTHING for everybody else while putting yourself last.

What have you done for you lately?

You know you want to do something for just you, but can’t quite land on what that would even be.
You know want to reach out of your comfort zone, but are scared to make that leap all on your own. (and besides, where would you even start?)
You have ignored your wants and needs for so long that you are a little embarrassed about how disconnected you feel.
You are finally at the point where you feel enough is enough but even the idea of trying to figure out where to start is overwhelming.

Mama, I sure am glad you found me.

Because I was you.

I was a killer goalsetter before I had my kiddo. But all at once I was immersed in a new world of diaper changes and sleeping schedules and…and I forgot all about what Jenn wanted and needed.

One day I reached my lowest low and realized I had ignored a piece of myself that I loved so much, and that was the Jenn who set and achieved fitness goals. Whether they were big (climbing Kilimanjaro) or small (running 5k), I at least felt like I was moving forward, moving toward something, and most importantly, moving towards a goal that had nothing to do with weight loss or the way my body looked. I focused on what my body could DO.

And so slowly, but surely, I started setting and achieving fitness goals.
And so slowly, but surely, I started to feel like myself again.
And so slowly, but surely, everything else seemed to feel less overwhelming because I was doing this one thing for me and only me.

And now, I want to take you on the same ride.

An online, 12-week program designed to help
you achieve your wildest fitness goals, get you to
your fittest yet, and have you focus on YOU.

Mama, I can guarantee that…

You are going to stop feeling all of those little aches and pains that you have ignored for so long and just accepted as reality.
You will move outside of your comfort zone and into the feeling of awesomeness.
And you will accomplish a goal that once felt so far away that you can’t even imagine that you were stuck for so long.

I know this may sound too good to be true, Mama, but I promise after 12 weeks you can achieve what you put your mind to because I will be there holding your hand…just like I did with Alexandra… 

“…Working out doing your workouts on my own at the gym has been one of the few things I can say that I am doing to take care of me and make me feel good about me since Robin has been born. Life has been full of compromise since she entered my world. I don’t go out much, I am regularly run down from some daycare illness she brings home, and time for dating and volunteering seems tough to come by. The one thing I can proudly say that I am making time to do that is about me reclaiming some part of my pre-mamma self and maybe amazingly upping my game on is fitness. Thank you for the gift of fitness in my life. I am proud of myself and I couldn’t have come this far without you.  It has been more than 2 years since I became a mama. I am so glad you have created the space and got me out the door. Each time I do your workouts I am reminded about how important self-care is. ‘Goalgetter’ has really been a gamechanger for me! I was previously not confident enough to do any kind of individual workout. Now it is a routine I want to keep up for a lifetime.”


Here’s what you get when you join The Goalgetter Program:



Every week I will upload 3 strength training workouts to our Goalgetter ‘portal’.  Each workout is periodized to build muscle, endurance, and get progressively more challenging as the weeks go on.
Every week there will be a BONUS video that will focus on stretching and mobility.

That’s 36 workouts and 12 BONUS stretching videos!  Holy sweat, Batman!



A healthy habit tracked every week    

Every week we add a new, simple, and easy to implement healthy habit.
And we use our Goalgetter Portal to keep track.
Always wanted to drink more water?
Always wanted to set a consistent bed time?
Always wanted to add more veggies to your day?
I got you, Mama.

That’s 12 new healthy habits to get you feeling full of energy!




Every Thursday, I host a group coaching call. We talk about the challenges of the week before, the new habit for the current week, and answer any questions that have been sent my way.
We chat about your wins, what’s working, where you need support, and what you want to focus on moving forward.  I life-coach you into really reflecting on where you are and where you want to be.  I can’t promise there won’t be tears…but I promise there will be laughs.

That’s 12 hours of me holding your hand through this whole journey!



FACEBOOK GROUP                    

Meet the other Mamas who are working on their fitness dreams, connect over the wins and challenges, vent, celebrate, ask questions, and cheerlead on your fellow Goalgetters!

That’s a whole village of Mama friends to connect with!




This is the part that makes The Goalgetter Program the best there is.
Accountability to the max!
1) You get a weekly email from me checking in on your progress for the week and what you want to focus on the next week.
2) We have a special portal that tracks workouts and healthy habits.
What does this mean? Not only can you see what tasks you have completed, but so can I.  Which means I will reach out if I see you are falling behind a bit and see how we can tweak things to get you back on track.
3) You get Voxer access to me in case you have urgent questions, or feel you need a pep talk to get through your day.
4) Last but never least, the wicked awesome Facebook Group mentioned above for when you need an extra ‘YOU CAN DO THIS!’ from Mamas who are going through this journey with you.

That’s a hella’ bunch of checking in from me to keep you on track!
Seriously, you are going to be SO sick of me!

The Goalgetter Program starts March 22nd!

All of this awesomeness is only $297 or
3 payments of $99 (+HST).

*All of your training videos and workbooks are housed in a private members-only site.

And if you are one of the first 10 Mamas to sign-up, you get these awesome Bonuses!

BONUS #1 – 30 minute goal coaching call with me!

The hardest part of getting started is figuring out WHERE to start!  Let me help you with that.  I am a champ at helping Mamas set actionable fitness goals that are measurable, realistic, and achievable.  In our 30 minute chat together we discuss what you want to accomplish by joining Goalgetter, how to get there, how we can track your progress, and how we can measure your success.
You will leave this call feeling uber clear on what you are working towards and feeling pumped to get started!  VALUE = $100

BONUS #2 – Shopping lists and recipes to help build muscle and regulate hormones.

With all of our sweating and muscle building comes a need for nourishing and energy sustaining food.  The recipes and shopping lists I send will give you options for some incredibly delicious and fulfilling meals and snacks that your whole family will love.
Plus it’s nice to not have to think about what’s for supper every once in a while 😉
VALUE = $50

Join The Goalgetter Program starting March 22nd!

For a limited time, this program is available at an introductory price of $297 or
3 payments of $99! (+hst)

Hi, I’m Jenn!

I am a super-mom to a spirited (i.e. absolutely bananas)
6 year old and super-trainer to new moms who want to
get their pre-baby fitness and confidence back in a realistic,
healthful way. In a way where they don’t hate on their bodies.
In a way where they aren’t counting calories and shame.
I combine fierce fitness with nutrition know-how to help
Baby Mamas heal from childbirth and start getting strong again.

You can usually find me running my signature classes (while telling hilarious stories) in Toronto and Hamilton, running after my kid, or running to the couch to watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and eat chicken wings.


“I probably won’t be ever able to put into words how much everything has changed in the past 12 weeks. Before I started this program I was tired, sleep deprived, running on coffee and anxious to get out with my baby because frankly it was too much work and not worth the energy or anxiety. The toll was showing on my face through eczema. I was miserable…so the day I scrolled through IG stories and saw your post was before a family trip and I thought I have to change something soon. And mostly I thought, Jenn won’t judge me if I tell her how I feel. I am far from being where I want my health and fitness to be however what is different is that my habits and energy have changed.

The first month was brutal. I would get upset with myself if I didn’t meet my expectations of how to work out. But set meals and cooking at home were easy and effortless.

I feel like these 12 weeks allowed me the space and time to slowly get out of the fog I was in. I cook at home, move more and get out with my baby without anxiety. My eczema is gone. I sleep through the night (like 🙌). My mood has changed.

And even though life sometimes still happens I have the energy to tackle it.

So thank you Jenn. You don’t know how much you helped me.



Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

The Goalgetter Program starts March 22nd.
Imagine hitting a killer fitness goal BEFORE school lets out giving you tons of energy for the summer!

How much does the program cost?

The Goalgetter Program is $297 (+hst).
You can pay the full cost up front OR you can break it into 3 payments of $99 (+hst) because I don’t ever want money to be the reason you don’t take care of you!

What do I need for the program?

-A space to workout in your house.

-A large water bottle that never leaves your side.

-A cheap journal (even a Hilroy notebook will work) if you don’t want to share on the Facebook group.

-Two sets of dumbbells.
8 – 10 pound dumbbells for the first 6 weeks and then a heavier set for the last 6 weeks.  If you have them, dust them off.  If you have a friend who has them, borrow them.  If you’ve got the $20, buy them.  They will make a difference.

What if I am a newer/older Mama?

One of the many things that make The Goalgetter Program awesome is that we taper the program for your specific goal.
There will be easier and harder versions to the exercises so you can tone it down or bump it up depending on where you are postpartum.
We take it at your pace.

How exactly does this whole thing work?

Once you register, you will receive a welcome email letting you know that I got your registration. 
If you are one of the first 10 Mamas, you will also be sent a link to schedule your goal setting coaching call with me.
You will also receive a Username and Login for our members only portal.
On March 22nd and every week after, your 3 workouts, healthy habit, and bonus stretch video will be released in our private portal.  
When you complete a workout, it will be tracked in the portal.
Every Thursday there will be a group coaching call on Zoom.
And at the end of every week, I will send out a personalized email asking you what went right and what you want to give attention to next week.

How long are the workouts?

Only 20-30 minutes, Mama.
The perfect amount of time to build strength but also keep in mind the struggles of busy Mamas!

Jenn is a very special coach. Not only is she motivating, creative and fun, but she is personally invested in EVERY person who joins her programs. She remembers everyone’s strengths, needs and conditions, and seamlessly adapts movements to all levels. Jenn pushes her students to continuously improve based on their own goals (no slacking off just for the sake of it!), while ensuring they don’t aggravate injuries or get discouraged by any imitations they may have. Jenn welcomes all abilities, sizes and attitudes, from “I love running!” to “I’m so not feeling it, but I’m here anyway!” If you show up, Jenn will make you glad you did.”


Seriously, Mama.  What are you waiting for?

Still got questions? Sneak into my DMs.

8 + 11 =

For a limited time, this program is available at introductory pricing of $297!
With $150 of BONUSES if you are one of the first 10 Mamas to sign-up!