Simplicity is the name of the game today.

I want to remind you that working out doesn’t need to be complicated.  It can sometimes feel like the moment you decide to workout, you forget every single exercise, you don’t know which ones to do, you don’t know how long to do them, you don’t know if you are doing them ‘right’, etc.

This works well for me because that’s what you pay me for 😉  But I do want you to feel some independence when I am not around to give you the clues to working out and that’s what today’s workout is all about.

We are going to do a 100’s workout.  You pick 3 exercises.  One for your upper body, one for your lower body, and one for your core.  You do 100 repetitions of each of these exercises.  You can put this together however you like.  You can do 10 of each and switch off 10 times, you can do as many of the first exercise as possible, write that number down on a sheet of paper, and then move on to the next, or your can take your time doing each exercise individually giving yourself a break whenever you need it and then move on to the next exercise after you have completed 100 of the first.

Here are some exercise ideas to trigger your brain and take away some of the guess work.

-Side lunges

-Walking planks
-Diamond pushups
-Triceps extensions (if you have a little weight)

-Plank hip dips
-Side plank hip dips
-Heel taps

Happy counting!!
Baby Mama and Body Boss,
Jenn Green