My disaster workout.

And why I sent it to you anyways….

There’s something you should know about me.

My name is Jenn and I am a perfectionist.

I have many issues surrounding being perfect and making sure everything is done perfectly.

You know what the best cure for my perfectionism was?  Having a baby.

It is near impossible to do anything perfectly when your attention is partially on keeping this teeny person alive (when they do everything in their power to foil your efforts).

I wanted to do a baby carrier workout today.  I sent my husband out of the house and strapped my sleepy toddler to my back and hit record.  I hit record 5 times.  Things just kept going “wrong”.  At attempt 5 and a near meltdown (from myself and my little dude), I thought “Eff it!”

This is what motherhood is; screaming toddlers, 5 attempts at everything, a messy living room and impromptu baby laughs.

So here it is in all it’s glory.  My disaster baby carrier workout.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, your workout.  It just has to get done so you feel like you moved your body and so you can pat yourself on the back (or drink a glass of wine) and say “Yay me!  I did it!”.

BABY CARRIER WORKOUT – 10-12 reps per side of the exercise – Do each exercise 2 times through with a short rest in between.

1) Yoga Flow Warm-up – Bend and breathe with arms up, chest stretch with bend, Tree pose, Warrior one (optional triangle pose) then other side tree pose, warrior one (optional triangle pose).
2) Side step and circle through.
3) Walking lunges with twist.
4) Inclined pushups.
5) Dips
6) Left leg step-up then right leg step-up.
7) Oblique leans side to side.
8) Upper body circles.
9) Baby biceps curls
10) Baby shoulder presses
11) Baby Bridges (didn’t mention in the video that if you want this to be harder, you can lift one leg up in the air and switch legs).
12) Optional: baby presses.