Dear Mamas,

Today is about using what you’ve got in your house to switch up your workout routine.  For this workout you will need a medium-ish ball.  I just use my son’s play balls.  The ball needs to have a little bit of give but not too much.

You are going to do the entire workout 3 times through.  The amount of repetitions is beside each individual exercise.  For most exercises you are going to slowly count to 4 while you hold the squeeze and then release.  Hope you have fun switching it up today!

Ball Workout
1) Ball between elbows squeeze (20 repetitions)
2) Roll ball on floor with foot (10 each side)
3) Ball behind leg squeeze (10 each side)
4) Pushups off ball (5 each side)
5) Abdominal roll out (5 each side)
6) Inner thigh squeeze (10)
7) Bridge and with inner thigh squeeze (10)
8) Lower abdominals with inner thigh squeeze (10)
9) Ball between feet raise from your side (5 each side)
10) Ball between feet raise from your back (5)