Lengthen and strengthen.

Some of the strongest bodies you will see are ballet dancers or Pilates practitioners.  There is so much strength in the work that they do but what they have that other modalities don’t have is the lengthening of the muscle.

The practice of lengthening your muscle while building muscle creates a leanness in the muscle as opposed to bulk.  It also stretches the muscle while strengthening.

Today’s workout is another share from many months ago but I love the reaching of the muscles and the burn you will feel in your legs while using your core.  As a full confession, this one is tough for me to share because of my Mummy Tummy situation 8 months ago, but I figure it is better to put my struggles out there as well as my wins 😉

BALLET INSPIRED WORKOUT – 10 each. Two times through.
1) Second position pile with heel lifts
2) Ronde de jambe in first position (10 each side)
3) Lean forward with attitude leg pulses (10 each side)
4) Oblique crunches in attitude (10 each side)
5) Fold forward crunch with knee (10 each side)
6) On toes reverse leg pulses (10 each side – 20 if you need more)
7) On toes cross leg then out to second (10 each side)
8) Inner thigh beats in V on back (20 total, alternating feet)
9) Windshield Wipers (20 total, alternating sides)
10) Plie Planks