Hey Mamas!

Some days you just gotta slow down, take some breaths, and allow your body to work while your mind is connected to everything that is going on inside you.  Today’s exercises are slow and steady and very mindful of your core, spine, and pelvic floor so take your time.

Enjoy all that lying down!

CALM CORE WORKOUT – 1 minute for each exercise or 10 to 12 reps.

1)Tummy vacuum
2) Tummy Vacuum with toe touches to floor – one leg or two legs
3) Spine mobilizations in bridge position
4) Side lying forward and back leg swings – Flex foot forward, point to backward
5) Side lying up and down leg swings – Flex foot up, point toe down
6) Clams
7) Swim legs on stomach
8) Repeat exercises 4-7 on other side
9) Four point tummy tuck on hands and knees
10) Pushups with straight leg raise – Right leg then left leg
11) Open and close superman