I have been saving this one.

Hey Mamas,

Most of you have been with me for a while now so I wanted to give you a challenge.  I gave this workout to my very first crew of Baby Mamas after they had spent most of the summer with me.  Definitely listen to your body but I want you to push yourself and get your heart rate up!

FULL BODY WORKOUT – 1 min each exercise, Repeat the whole set 2-3 times.
1) Pike Press
2) Switch Lunges
3) One-legged bridges
4) Calf raises off a stair
5) Superman W’s (with Stability Ball if you have it)
6) 90 degree jump squat (just squat and turn if the jumping is too much)
7) Ab mountain climbers (remember to keep your belly pulled in.  taking a big exhale out your mouth really helps!)
8) Rotating Supermans
9) Skaters
10) Side lunges with explosive push back up