When I started Baby Mama Fitness, it was 1 outdoor bootcamp that took place on the shores of Lake Banook in Halifax, NS.  A dear friend of mine wanted to workout with her baby (because otherwise she wouldn’t have had the time) and knew I was a personal trainer so she asked me if I would start a Mama and Baby stroller bootcamp.  I fell in love immediately.  I loved running with those Mamas and seeing the changes I made in their bodies and minds over the course of the summer.

Being able to help create change in Mamas became addictive and over the years (3 and counting now), I have wanted to help more and more Mamas get their fitness back in a healthy and safe way post-baby.  And that is when Baby Mama Fit Club was dreamt up.

I have been running this version of Baby Mama Fit Club for about 4 months now and as I slowly figure out the kinks and get feedback from you Mamas, I am open to switching up the things that aren’t working and build on the things that are.

Moving into the next iteration of Baby Mama Fit Club I will be switching up the workouts so that they are live and you can follow along.  They will also be no longer than 12 minutes and if you feel you need more, you can just rewatch the video.  I want to see if this version of the videos is more motivating for you and able to push yourself a bit as well.  Plus, no more worrying about interval timers.  That will be my job 🙂

As for the meal plans, moving forward I will be offering 2 recipes a week that you can make in bulk along with a shopping list and prep.  Some of the Mamas were finding the whole week of meals overwhelming and not a lot of freedom if something needed switching up.

These changes will take place starting in January.  I will also be running a FREE 30 day challenge to get more Mamas on board to working out at home so if you have any Mama friends or groups, make sure to send them the info I will be sending out next week so they can join the challenge.

I hope these changes are exciting for you and, as always, let me know if there is anything you would like to see or anything you need from me.

Baby Mama and Body Boss,
Jenn Green

WORKOUT #6 – Go through it 2 times
1) Pulsing Squat (30 pulses)
2) Wide leg heel lifts (10)
3) Plank with knee to your elbow (10)
4) Side Tricep Push (10 each side)
5) Low Low (Tap it out 20 times each side)
6) Lunge with leg up (10 each side)
7) Arms forward leg balance (10 each side)
8) Walking pushups (10 total)
9) Downward dog to plank (10)
10) Colateral limb raises (10 each side)