Hello my strong Mamas!

Today’s workout involves playing with range of motion in basic exercises to give us more bang for our buck.  Switching up range of motion is one of the many ways you can make your workouts/exercises more interesting and avoid all out boredom.

Each exercise will consist of small, pulsing motions and then large explosive motions.  We build up the tension in the muscle with the pulsing and then flushing that muscle with the large explosions of strength.

If you are just starting out you are going to do 10 pulsing motions and 5 explosive motions.  If you are more advanced in your fitness routine you are going to do 20 pulsing motions and up to 10 explosive motions.  You are going to do the entire workout 2 times all the way through, only resting when you have completed 1 entire round.  Make sure to get your heart pumping to get the cardio component of this workout for you.

Baby Mama and Body Boss,
Jenn Green

1) Pulse Squat/Jump Squat
2) Pulse Pushup/Explosive Pushup
3) Pulse Lunge on Right/Lunge Jump
4) Pulsing Dip/Full Dips
5) Pulse Lunge on Left/Lunge Jump
6) Pulsing Side Plank/Full Hip Lift
7) Pulsing Bridge/Full Walking Bridges
8) Pulsing Side Plank/Full Hip Lift
9) Plank with slow knee in/Mountain Climbers
10) Pulsing Inner Thigh Squat/2nd Position Jump