Let every exercise be a core exercise.

Our cores are what keep us upright.  It is so much more than just a series of 6 muscles that people envy.  It is the foundation to spinal health, pelvic health, and neck stabilization.  Unfortunately, if you are a Mama, there is an incredibly high chance that your core is dysfunctional because of the elongation of the muscles.

Our work after labour is to get our cores functioning again, and not only functioning but working in tandem with the rest of our muscles.  That’s what today’s workout is going to be all about.  Making sure that every exercise is a core exercise.

Here are 3 things to think about with each exercise in the sequence:
1) Is your belly button pulled in towards your spine (as opposed to sticking out like a buddha belly)?
2) Is your tailbone pointed to the ground (as opposed to towards the wall behind you or the wall in front of you)?
3) When you exhale, are you abdominals moving inwards?

If you can ask yourself these questions at EVERY SINGLE EXERCISE and correct yourself, you will have a strong core in no time!  We just need to teach the muscles that it is uber awesome to be active and supportive and not lazy.
Despite whether the aesthetic of the ballet body is appealing to you, there is no denying that those dancers are strong!  And that is our goal.  To be uber strong ladies.

Baby Mama and Body Boss,
Jenn Green

ps-I hit my head on a lamp in this video.  I decided it was better to keep it and expose the realities of working out in your living room 😉

FULL BODY WORKOUT WITH CORE FOCUS – Do the first section 2 times through and then rest before doing the second section 2 times through without a break – Repetitions are written beside each exercise
1) Elbow Elbow Hand Han – 5 each side
2) One-legged touch lunge – 10 each side
3) Sprinter Step – 15 each side
4) Plank Rotation – 5 each side
5) K-Squeeze – 20 squeezes
1) Hand Walkouts – 10
2) Feet Walkouts – 10
3) Wall sit (with optional leg raise) – 45-60 seconds
4) Pulsing side planks – 20 pulses each side
5) Mat suicide runs – 30