In keeping with our core week.

Today’s workout is a full core workout.  I wanted to keep in line with what feels like our central topic for the past week or so.

Our “core” is WAY more than our abdominals.  Think of your core as the central cylinder of your body that keeps you upright.  It runs from your pubis up to your ribcage on both sides of your body.

So for today’s workout, we are going to work the front and back plane and stretch it out as we go; shortening and lengthening the muscles to give them full range of motion.

FULL CORE WORKOUT – Reps/counts are written beside each exercise
1) Flutter kicks (start with exhale and squeeze your bum before lifting) – 10 reps, counting to 10
2) Cat and Cow – 10 reps
3) Scrape the barrel – 10 reps
4) Full swimmers – 10 reps, counting to 10
5) Stretch in child’s pose
6) Bird Dog – 10 each side, counting to 10
7) Stretch in child’s pose
8) Clock plank –  Pause for 4 at each position.  Do the full clock 3 times through.
9) Cardio Abs  – 10 reps
10) Supermas IWYT – 10 reps
11) Vacuum lungs with 4 toe touches. – 10 reps
12) Hug your knees and spinal twist clock stretch – 1 minute on each side