Pushups, Dips, and Shoulder work.  Oh, my!

Sometimes I am not the best trainer because I find things that other trainers find important, well, not so important.  Like training upper body.  Until I had a 10lb 4oz baby.  And he got bigger.  And nearly impossible to hold 24/7.  That’s when I learned that upper body strength is needed.  For everything.

Your hips and back will compensate for what your arms lack, and that means disaster for your alignment and your low back.  So today we train our upper bodies so that as our little ones grow, our pain doesn’t.

I would love it if you added on one of the Cardio workouts or the Glute workout to this one as it is pretty specific (and therefore a little shorter than usual).  By combining this one with another specific body part, we will get a well rounded workout that will time out to about 25 minutes.

You are going to do this workout 2 times through, stopping between the first and second set to rest.  Set your Interval Timer for 45 seconds or you can do 10-12 reps of each exercise.

1) Spiderman Pushups
2) Dips with leg lift
3) Pike presses
4) Diamond, regular, wide pushup combo
5) Dips with foot perch
6) Hand walkouts to plank