How to warm-up when you have so little time.

I have been getting a couple requests for warm-ups to do before the workouts.  Something short.  Something simple.

When I ran my 6 week online bootcamp, I sent out a warm-up that I thought I would share with you.  I do this warm-up regularly with my in-person bootcamp Mamas because it hits all your major muscle groups and rotators.  The thing you want to avoid is too much stretching before you are warm.  This can lead to overstitching and can tear a muscle.  You want to think about warming up your joints (think shoulders, hips, ankles, wrists).

Another great warm-up is a quick Sun Salutation because it works your entire body and gets your breath going.

And for those of you itching for a workout, I added a Core Blast so you can get in some work on your core.

Happy Warming-up!