Gorgeous Mamas,

Welcome to arm day!  This workout will be quick and dirty because what with picking up our little ones so much, our arms are already tired 😉  This workout is going to hit our chest, biceps, triceps and forearms.  If you get through it 2 times and feel like you need more, maybe add on one of the other workouts at the end like this glute one.  All repetitions are written beside the exercise.  Enjoy those burning muscles!

1) Crab Walk (4 forward, 4 back)
2) Diamond pushups from your knees (10)
3) Dips (10)
4) Offset pushups (5 with left hand forward, 5 with right hand forward)
5) Side plank walk around (4)
6) Bear Crawl (4 forward, 4 back)