Make every exercise a core exercise.

Such a simple idea, but sometimes hard to execute.

Today’s task is, technically, a simple one. I want you to keep your core engaged during your entire workout. It seems so easy but in practice, it can get complicated. There are so many pieces to your body puzzle that you are thinking about and trying to move in tandem that your core can take a backseat.

One of the easiest ways to make sure you stay engaged and present to what your core is doing, not only during a workout, but all day, is to tie a string around your midsection. You take a long piece of string or yarn and wrap it once around your waist (a little bit lower than your natural waist which is the smallest part of your body, typically). You are going to engage your core by thinking of pressing your belly button to your spine. Tie the string around your waist while your core is engaged. Every time you disengage your core, the string will feel taught and will remind you to tighten those abdominal muscles. When I have clients who have had several babies and haven’t been able to do the repair work, I get them to walk around all day with the string tied to their waist. That way they can recognize when they let go of their abdominal muscles while performing every day tasks, like lifting their little ones (one of the most important times to really use your core!).

So that’s your challenge today, Mamas. You can use the string or not but I challenge you, at some point this week, to tie a string around your waist and walk around performing every day tasks and just observe when you let it all go.

Make sure to check in on the Facebook group or hit REPLY and let me know how the workout treated you! And also if you feel a bigger burn in your core muscles now that you’ve put a heavy focus on them!

Happy Workout!

WORKOUT #3 – Each exercise 10 times. Do it twice through.
Video starts with some warm-up ideas
1) Lunge with Kick (10 each side)
2) Push-up and Tricep Pushup (Chaturunga)
3) Squat Jumps
4) Plank with foot touches
5) Frog Jumps
6) Scissors
7) Donkey Pose with hand and leg hovers
8) Plank with hand touches