This Mama is giving herself a 12 week smackdown.

First off, thank you thank you thank you for your outpouring of kind words and encouragement, all your “Shares”, your “Me too!” responses, and your “Thank you for sharing!”s after last week’s post.  I was so overwhelmed by the response to speaking my truth. (If you didn’t get a chance to read it, click here.)

Because I feel like I have been a (slight) Debbie Downer over the past two posts, I wanted to give you something really actionable and valuable so here goes.

This Mama is giving herself a 12 week smackdown.  My sugar cravings have gotten out of control and the better Baby Mama Fitness does business wise, the less I train myself.  So I gave myself a stern (but kind) talking to and have decided to treat my body to great food, sweat sessions, daily stretching, and some mindful meditation time.  I have been prepping for these 12 weeks for 2 weeks now and I wanted to share my tools with you to give you some motivation in case you find yourself needing a smackdown.

A quick note: Why 12 weeks?  Because there is this ridiculous quote floating around Pinterest-land that says it takes 4 weeks for you to notice a difference, 8 weeks for your friends and family to notice a difference, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world.  Personally, I find this reversed.  4 weeks until complete strangers are like, “You are looking good!”, 8 weeks for my husband to say “Are you losing weight?”, and 12 weeks before I acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, my jeans are falling down.  And since I am doing this for me and only me, I am going to do this for 12 weeks.

TOOL # 1 – Daily Greatness Training Journal
My husband knows me so well that he bought his A-type wife two kick ass journals for Christmas and it was the best gift ever.  The training journal really breaks down all your goals into tiny bite-sized pieces that are 100% actionable and trackable.  I am so pumped to have something guiding me through this and helping me reach milestones so I feel like I am accomplishing my goals.  I highly recommend checking it out, click here.

TOOL # 2 – Headspace meditation app
Part of the process of the Daily Greatness Training Journal is getting your head in the right place so I am utilizing this FREE app that leads you in 10 minute meditations.  This Mama is frequently a hot anxiety mess.  I hope that taking this minuscule amount of time to myself in the morning helps me clear up some of the gunk that is getting in the way.

TOOL # 3 – Food delivery services
I really struggle keeping up with healthy food the more I work and the more my husband works.  I don’t know if any of you have been in the middle of a grocery store with a cart full of healthy food while your tornado toddler screams bloody murder and you can’t get them off the floor but it is NOT fun.  #beenthere  What works for me are food delivery options whether it is prepared foods like Green Zebra (vegan), and  Paleo Toronto (absolutely not vegan!), or fruit/veggie/organic grocery delivery like Mama Earth Organics, it all makes my week easier.  Yes it costs a slight amount more than the local market but the extra cash is worth my health.

TOOL # 4 – Workout classes
Trying to find the time to workout is like pulling teeth (although I magically found the time to watch 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy #mcdreamyforever).  If it isn’t scheduled, I don’t do it.  If someone isn’t counting on me to be there, it is really easy for me to bail.  I always always always workout more consistently and harder in a class setting.  My Mamas frequently say that knowing that I am expecting them to show and will possibly give them a little razzing at the next class for not being there, helps get their butts in workout clothes and out the door.  I have joined a bootcamp.  Yup.  This bootcamp teacher has joined a bootcamp and I am so pumped.  If you want to join Baby Mama Bootcamp and have some accountability for your workouts, click here.

When I want to fit in some more workouts, I will be creating 10 minute quick and dirty workouts that I can do with the little dude in the room.  And as a super special bonus, I am including a workout that you can do in your living room sans equipment.
Click here for a 12 minute Cardio Workout. (This was part of my Baby Mama Fit Club monthly membership that I am currently revamping to have all 10-12 minute workouts safe for Mamas at a low monthly fee.)

TOOL # 5 – Forgivness
I have a nasty cycle I go through.  I say to myself “I am doing this!  No sugar, wheat, dairy, booze, or fun forever and ever!” and then I hate hate hate myself when I have a piece of chocolate and then I eat 77 chicken wings and drink 14 rum and cokes because, well, I already broke my own rules.  This time I choose forgiveness.  I will NOT beat myself up for falling off the wagon.  And if I fall off the wagon?  I will not not not throw myself in front of the next 17 wagons that pass by; I will hop back on my own wagon.

My advice if you find yourself having a (kind) smackdown talk?  Surround yourself with tools for success.  And if you want some accountability and someone to be one of your tools, I am always here.

Baby Mama and Body Boss,
Jenn Green

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