When I was pregnant I remember dreaming of all the free time I would have to cook elaborate, delicious meals while I was on Maternity Leave. I even started a Pinterest board of meals I wanted to indulge in when I had time to be in the kitchen all day that I didn’t have time for because I worked all day.

Add this delusion to the long list of things I knew nothing about before I had a kid. #Imissshowers

Little did I know (despite every single mother telling me over and over again) that I would have zero time to cook for myself. My whole life would revolve around feeding this teeny tiny eating machine.

After a couple weeks of pizza I thought “Holy Crap! This has to change!”. So I made a game plan (because I am me). I decided to un-recipe everything. And so, the anti-recipe was born.

What is The Anti-recipe you ask? Well I’ll tell you. The anti-recipe is grabbing handfuls of things and throwing them together. If something needs to cook, it needs to take less than 10 minutes (because 15 minutes was about as long as my little dude would hang out in his bouncy chair). I do as little prep work as possible.

Here are some of my best examples of anti-recipes.

scrambled eggs with kimchi and fried kale

baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, avocado, non-gmo corn chips, grass fed deli meats, chickpeas.

chicken thighs, fried tomato, broccoli, baby carrots, peppers, hummus.

Everything had “baby” in front of it. No need for chopping or cooking. If I did need to cook things, I made sure I could cook them in the same pan.

I also never got bored because I could literally throw together whatever my little heart desired. I think with health and fitness, we can overcomplicate things.

I am about to blow your mind, Mama. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD.

I progressed from the anti-recipe to major batch cooking (more about that here) and it has made all the difference in my eating habits.

What do you have in your fridge right now Mama that you can turn into your own Anti-recipe? Head on over to the Facebook group and share with us what you have “cooked” up for yourself.

Happy eating!