So you’re in need of help. A shakeup.
A master plan to get your fitness back on track.

But you can’t seem to find the motivation to put on your compression tights, let alone workout what with all the feeding and diaper changes and cleaning and attempting to get that little ball of joy to just sleep for the love of the sweet baby Jesus.

But you are also so tired of feeling tired.
You are tired of looking in the mirror and thinking “Who is that woman staring back at me?”. #ivebeenthere.
You know it is time to take care of yourself and make a change.
You just need a kick in the butt.

Enter Me: Jenn Green

Baby Mama and Body Boss.

Super-mom and super-trainer (post-natal specialist) whose mission in life is to restore your pre-baby fitness and make you stronger and more body positive than ever.

I know how freakin’ hard it is to get back on that workout horse.

But I also know what Mamas need and I make sure our time together is quick and dirty so you get the best workout in, in the shortest amount of time, all the while taking into account your particular (ahem) troubles.

We jog, lunge, squat, pushup, roll-up, and stretch our way back to pre-baby fitness.

Did I mention it all takes place in a beautiful park with a kick ass group of other Mamas to help you along the way?

What more could you ask for?

Give me 6 weeks to start you seeing changes, loving your skin again, while meeting a great group of supportive Mamas who know exactly what you are going through. #3hoursofsleep

Join this amazing group of ladies.
Only 10 spots available per time slot.

Next session starts the week of June 12th.
Some sessions sell out quickly so grab your spot now!

Let me be the kick in the butt you need.

Spring Registration is now open!


7pm (without babies) – The Annex – Jean Sibelius Park

Get your FAQ’s answered here:

When can I join?

You can start any time (as long as I am not sold-out).
Your 6 week session begins at your first class.
Note: My bootcamps typically sell-out so make sure to sign-up early to avoid disappointment.

What do I need to bring to class?

-A Yoga mat
-A blanket and toys for your little ones
-Running Shoes
-A Kick butt attitude!  No negative Nancys please (No offence to positive Nancys).
I want to create a positive, supportive, elevating attitude in the group

How much does it cost?

$140 (HST included) for 1x/week for 6 weeks of classes.

What is your make up policy?

You can attend any other class at any other location during your 6 week session.
Please notify me of any pending vacations so we can alter the end date of your session.

What is your refund policy?

Please see my full refund policy here.
Short and sweet though, I don’t offer refunds because space is limited and working out takes a big commitment.


Spring Registration is now open!


7pm (without babies) – The Annex – Jean Sibelius Park