Drink your water!

I know this is not new information but it is uber important.  Water is the most important of all the important things.  Important!


Did you know that 75% of the North American population is chronically dehydrated?  Chronically!  And Mamas are one of the subgroups most likely to be hospitalized for dehydration.  That’s because we spend so much time running around with our little bubs attached to us that it is really easy to forget to take a sip let alone drink the requisite 3L – ish that we should be just to have proper body function.


Have skin issues?  Drink more water.

Digestion problems?  Drink more water.

Tired?  Drink more water.

Hunger pains?  Drink more water.

Low energy? Drink more water.

Pee bright yellow?  Drink more water.

Constipated?  Drink more water.

Loose stool?  Drink more water.

Dip in your breast milk supply?  Drink more water.


This is one of my favourite articles of a woman who drank 3L a day and the changes she noticed: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2480491/How-drinking-litres-water-day-took-years-face.html


Staying hydrated is especially important when you are working out more than usual, like we are.


Here are some of my easiest tips for staying hydrated:

1) Buy yourself a fancy water bottle.  This means two things to me.  I have a Camelbak that has a built in filter so I can fill up anywhere without being worried about the cleanliness of the water.  I also have a gorgeous 750ml David’s Tea coloured mason jar with a straw.  Very fun to drink out of!  It seems so simple but having something that was exclusively mine, large, and super pretty made me drink way more water.

2) I use a piece of tape and a sharpie to keep track of how many times I fill up my water bottle.  I have to put 4 X’s on my water bottle over the course of the day to get my requisite amount.  This really helps me keep track!

3) Anything that you drink that isn’t water doesn’t count as hydration!  Some even dehydrate you further.  This was a hard one for me to buy into, but your body responds to it very differently and goes through an entirely different process than when it gets just water.

4)  If you are one of those people who water just runs through, you can add a tiny bit of Celtic Grey Sea Salt to your water to remineralize it.  Or if you love water, you can get a filter that remineralizes your water for you.


Set a goal for yourself every day to drink 3L of water and notice the differences in your body.  In your skin.  In your digestion.  In your energy.  Even in your workout performance.


Happy Hydrating!

Jenn Green